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Mateja Potočnik will perform as a soloist with the Berlin Orchestra in Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Curch in Berlin, Germany

MAY 2023: 2, 13, 16, 23

JUNE 2023: 3, 6 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27

JULY 2023: 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 19, 22, 25, 29




Concert of Art songs by Mateja Potočnik, Klemen Gorenšek and Sascha el Mouissi

22 November 2022, at 19:30
Ljubljana, Viteška dvorana  in Križanke

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With this "Liederabend", an art-songs recital Mateja Potočnik, soprano and pianist Urška Štrekelj present their program "Light and Darkness".

“The eternal stars shine out as soon as it is dark enough.” (Thomas Carlyle) Light and Darkness — as if one cannot be without the other. Either there are both or none of them; as if these eternal extremes were part of the Earth, its cyclical and thus human nature. Light and dark, hot and cold, war and peace, life and death, love and hate, hunger and gluttony, wealth and poverty, good and evil, heaven and hell, physical and spiritual, fidelity and adultery, trust and jealousy, justice and injustice — contrasts we keep reflecting on; states we would rather avoid; feelings we struggle to explain, but which have us project both the good (light) and the bad (dark) side of our being.


Figurentheatertage 2021 4. - 10. November (Theatermuseum Wien)

"A little review of MOŽ! at the FIGURENTHEATERTAGE - he and his alter ego bravely defended themselves against all kinds of crawling animals, bats and a vampire. We say goodbye to the little man (this is roughly how MOŽ! Can be translated), the theater group Gledališče DELA / Theater WORKS, its inventor Tea Kovše and Mateja Potočnik-Soprano, who accompanied the two performances with her singing. How is it going to go on with him? One can be curious!"

"The little hero MOŽ! has traumatizing experiences and isolation! This made him mentally ill. Yesterday at the FIGURENTHEATERTAGE we were able to share in his fate and witness how he rocked away into another world ... Mateja Potočnik-Soprano accompanied him with one of the most touching arias in opera literature, "O mio babbino caro" by Giacomo Puccini. Experience for yourself how the MOŽ! fights with the vampire and he blames it for his condition."

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Puppet opera DRACULA- (MOŽ! is sick)

Meet operatic soprano Mateja Potočnik in a puppet opera MOŽ! is sick, where she will sing the world's most beautiful opera arias- check out her schedule. Experience for yourself how the MOŽ! fights with the vampire and he blames it for his condition."

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CONCERT REVIEW, SLOVENIA (Prevalje), 16.08.21

"Soprano Mateja Potočnik, accompanied by pianist Urška Štrekelj, impressed with Slovenian songs by Benjamin Ipavec, Prelovec, Pavčič and Mašek." 

"Thirty Mohorjan's musical years, thirty years of independent Slovenia, 170 years of Mohor's society, all these anniversaries were connected by the Mohorjan Cultural Society from Prevalje in last night's gala concert, which impressed visitors with selected performers and an excellent program." 

"...great names of Slovenian music performed in front of the audience, who also receive many awards on European and world stages."

"We listened to a music program for music connoisseurs at the parish church. "

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"Light and Darkness" 

Art songs from Schubert, Strauss, Berg, Wagner, Tschaikowski, Rachmaninoff, Lajovic, Mašek

Mateja Potočnik, Soprano

Thomas V. Johnson, Piano

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The Domžale-Kamnik Symphony Orchestra took us into the New Year's holidays with music for the 49th year in a row

On Friday, December 27, the 49th traditional New Year's concert of the Domžale - Kamnik Symphony Orchestra with conductor Slaven Kulenović took place in the Domžale Sports Hall.


As always, he filled the hall and impressed all the visitors with this time’s musical selection, which was stretched between lively operetta melodies and exotic dances in symphonic disguises by Russian masters. The concert was further enriched by soloist soprano Mateja Potočnik and tenor Gregor Ravnik.

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"Glasbena matica Ljubljana is organizing a concert cycle "Jung and Perspective singers- Pevsi obeti in Pricakovanja". It presents young singers embarking on an artistic path. On Wednesday, November 8, 2017, promising solo singers Mateja Potočnik, soprano and Klemen Gorenšek bass baritone, accompanied on the piano by Sasha el Mouissi, sang art songs by A. Berg, F. Schubert, R. Schuman, R. Strauss, H. Wolf, JKL Loewe, S. Rachmaninov, L. Lebič, LM Škerjanc, A. Lajovic, B. Ipavec, J, Pavčič and F. Gerbič. "


"The listeners rewarded their musically perfect singing with long applause - congratulations."                                                                       Jožko Kert

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