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"Light and Darkness" 

Art songs from Schubert, Strauss, Berg, Wagner, Rachmaninoff, Tschaikowski, Lajovic, Mašek

March 6, 2021

Mateja Potočnik, Soprano

Thomas V. Johnson, Piano

On Saturday

at 7 pm

 Recorded in Berlin State Opera, Germany

* Together with 

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Online Liederabend "Light and Darkness"

“The eternal stars shine out as soon as it is dark enough.” (Thomas Carlyle)

Light and Darkness — as if one cannot be without the other. Either there are both or none of them; as if these eternal extremes were part of the Earth, its cyclical and thus human nature. Light and dark, hot and cold, war and peace, life and death, love and hate, hunger and gluttony, wealth and poverty, good and evil, heaven and hell, physical and spiritual, fidelity and adultery, trust and jealousy, justice and injustice — contrasts we keep reflecting on; states we would rather avoid; feelings we struggle to explain, but which have us project both the good (light) and the bad (dark) side of our being. 

We are a thousand faces; as if carrying infinite experience, encounters, images, traits; as if each one of us were an entire humanity. We cannot even imagine the potential we hold inside: all that we are and what we are, in fact, capable of. It is in our nature to stay put and surround ourselves with what is familiar: Rather than stepping out of the “safe bubble” and our comfort zone, we play it safe and lead a humdrum life, always following the same path, sticking to the same old patterns, holding on to the same old relationships. When, however, faced with extreme situations, we are forced to leave the comfort zone and find ourselves in a place we have never experienced before, it is only then, I believe, a human being is capable of serving the highest good or committing the worst of deeds — the extreme ends of the scale most often depicted in Art.           

Mateja Potočnik.

Translation: Polona Potočnik.


A. Berg

Nacht (Sieben frühe Lieder)

F. Schubert

Ganymed, D544


Breit über mein Haupt, Op.19 No.2

Wir beide wollen springen, AV 90 Allerseelen, Op. 10 No. 8

Morgen, Op. 27 No.4

R. Wagner

Träume, Wesendonck Lieder, No.5


Otcego, Op.6 No.5

S. Rachmaninoff

Son, Op.8 No.5

Siren, Op. 21 No.5

Ya zhdu tebya, Op.14 No.1

Vesennie vody, Op. 14 No.11

A. Lajovic

Mesec v izbi

K. Mašek

Luna sije

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