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The pianist URŠKA ŠTREKELJ graduated with honours at the Zurich University of the Arts (Züricher Hochschüle der Künste) in the class of Eckart Heiligers.

Zürich has also become her home town, because she works there as a pianist and a piano teacher.In 2019, she obtained her MA in the class of Prof. Karl-Andreas Kolly at the same University.After completing her primary music education under Alenka Mori, Urška Štrekelj started her professional music career at the Art Grammar School in Maribor, with her teacher Milena Sever.

In 2012, she finished her BA at the University of Ljubljana Academy of Music, where she also obtained her MA in 2014.Her BA and MA courses were both done under the tutelage of Prof. Vladimir Mlinarić.During her studies, she gained a wealth of experience taking part in musical competitions across the world.

In 2006, Ms. Štrekelj and fellow pianist Zala Čuček received the silver award at the TEMSIG competition, and in 2016, Ms. Štrekelj received the gold award at the international piano competition in Koroška.

Before going abroad, she worked at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana as an accompanying pianist for ballet, collaborated with the "Glasbeni atelje Tartini" private music school, and she also worked as a teacher at the private music school "Amarilis".

Her concerts often feature the compositions of international (Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Alexander Scriabin, Franz Schubert, Frédéric Chopin) and Slovenian composers (Lojze Lebič, Andrej Mison, Vilko Ukmar, Lucija Marijan Škrjanec). She also enjoys performing with chamber ensembles,and so she, among other performances, performed Brahms' Liebesliederwalzer at the "Mladi mladim" cycle at the Slovenian Philharmonic in 2010, took part in the Allegro Giovanissimo festivals (concieved by Marina Horak), the "Koroško kulturno poletje" festival, and the summer academy for young talents (mentored by Saša Gerželj-Donaldson).In 2012, she had a solo performance in the Red Hall at Ljubljana Town Hall, as part of the celebrations commemorating a Brasillian national holiday.

Despite her long years of studying, Urška Štrekelj often goes to seminars with prominent pedagogues, e. g. Konstantin Bogino, Oliver Kern, Marina Horak, Sonja Pahor, Ruben Dalibaltayan, Saša Gerželj-Donaldson, Nikos Zafranas, Djordje Milojkovic, Eckart Heiligers, etc.)

The recipient of the Zois scholarship, the Von Tobel Foundation, and the Beyeler Foundation says that her goal of, "being musician of breadth and a wealth of experience in various fields," is an important driving force in her life as an artist.

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